About Us

Bar lady, that touch of class.

The presence of women in the world of food and beverage brings new professional skills, well-updated product knowledge on market evolution
and new trends, from the sense of responsibility that the profession requires and a particular, unique, additional feature: a creative aesthetic sense.

It is the charm that only women can add.

That touch of class, elegance and sympathy make a well-mixed drink, with a touch of decoration, truly a special occasion.

A woman behind the bar counter, from the luxury hotel to the trendy bar and beach bar, is a custom that honors this fascinating profession.

The International BarLady Competition created from the need to celebrate the professionalism of women around the world who work in the field of bartending, to highlight, in pink colours, the best that exists in the profession and illuminates, with unusual hues of creativity, technique and innovation, the entire world of the Bartenders.

This opens up a dutiful space for considerations on how much the specificity of feminine qualities are an added value: the female universe is characterized by a natural elegance and the ability to express itself through original communication channels.

There is a moment of the year in which it seems that we have to leave room for a singular event, which is always unique.

A time in which energies have a deeper tint and chromatic nuance that is closer to the soul.

It’s the time of velvet warriors, of refined confrontation, as only women can express, it’s the time of International BarLady Competition.


Nafsika Mouzakiti

Founder / Master of Ceremony

An experienced Greek anchorwoman, spesialized the last 10 years on cocktail competitions in Greece and Europe.
Her love for the field of Food and Beverage through presentation of competitions, leed her to organize a world wide cocktail competition just for ladies, in order to give them the opportunity to develop and distinguish themselves in the specific field.