The objective of this competition is to elect a barlady who has a highly professional profile, technical and cultural training, ability to relate, courtesy, sensitivity, elegance and savoir faire.
And, in order to communicate with a cosmopolitan audience, she also must have the ability to hold a conversation with foreign guests.

The winner will be declared “Barlady of the Year” 
Furthermore, throughout the year she will be involved in different opportunities with interviews in newspapers, trade magazines and TV.

  • Only barladies associated with a guild belonging to the I.B.A. can participate in this competition.
  • The drinks they will be prepared by the Barladies competitors should be 4 (3 for the Judges and 1 to be shown)
  • Barladies will compete with the same cocktail at both rounds (preliminary – final)
  • Classic Cocktail (Each barlady is invited to create an original cocktail by IBC’s Sponsors Product List)
    National Cocktail (Each barlady is invited to create an original cocktail to include a local element or inspiration from each representive country and by IBC’s Sponsors Product List)
  • Both categories (National & Classic) will be pointing on the preliminary round on technical skills and taste
  • At the Final round on both categories (National & Final) barladies will be ponting for the presentation as well and all the points (Technical – Taste – Presentation) will be add to give us the 3 winners.
  • The presentation should be a 1 minute and 6 minutes mix on preliminary round and 10 min on the Final round
  • The one who obtains the highest score on technical skills, taste and presentation, on both categories, will be nominated and receive the “Barlady of the Year” award.
  • All this will take place in front of a jury made up of journalists and VIP guests presidents of IBA Associations who will be given a special recognition badge.
  • The jury composed of 4 people, will receive the evaluation sheet, and will be in front of the competitor during the preparation of the drink, will taste, talk and evaluate.

    At the end of the performance (10 minutes), each judge will give his personal unquestionable opinion, carefully evaluating each item that is marked on the sheet.

  • The Director responsible for the competition, will deliver the forms signed by him to the jury, and he himself will collect and deliver them to the secretary, who will make the final calculations taking into account the results already obtained by the competitors.
  • Delivery of certificate of participation to competitors
  • All the competitors will be called on stage to receive the certificate of participation.

Final Award Ceremony

At the moment of delivery of the certificates, the competitors, after having received the certificate of participation, will line up behind the presenter.

The presenter will call the sponsors on stage who will reward the top three of each category classified.