The International BarLady Competition is a global competition of women involved in the bartending community.

IBC’s primary goal is to gather BarLadies from all over the world and give them the opportunity to develop their skills, grow in the field of bartending and compete on 2 days 8 & 9 March 2024 (International Women’s Day).

The 1st Edition of International Barlady Competition will be held in Athens, Greece, and is supported by the International Bartenders Association.

The purpose of the competition is primarily educational and is set on an iconic day, the International Women’s Day.

Barladies will compete in 2 categories:

  • Classic Cocktail (Each barlady is invited to create an original cocktail by IBC’s TBA Sponsors Product List)
  • National Cocktail (Each barlady is invited to create an original cocktail to include a local element or inspiration from each representive country)

Also, the objective of this competition, is to elect one BarLady who has a highly professional profile, technical and cultural training, ability to relate, courtesy, sensitivity, elegance and savoir faire.

And, in order to communicate with a cosmopolitan audience, she also must have the ability to hold a conversation with foreign guests.

The winner who will have the highest points in each category and all the other tests will be declared “Barlady of the Year”


Friday 8th March

16:00: National Cocktail - Preliminary Round (President Hotel / Atlas Venue)

18:00: Classic Cocktail - Preliminary Round (President Hotel / Atlas Venue)

21:30: BarLady Party @ Drunk Sinatra & Rehab

Saturday 9th March

15:00: Tanqueray 0.0 for Barlady Mini Contest (President Hotel / Atlas Venue)

16:30: National Cocktail - Final Round

18:00: Classic Cocktail - Final Round

20:30: Awarding

Masters of Ceremony

Nafsika Mouzakiti

Ansis Ancovs

Performance judges

Loreta Tosca

Anthony Poncier

Babis Doukas